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Rosalie Amos

  • Researcher/Journalist/Presenter
  • Marlborough, UK
  • 26/07/2021
Full time Media-Journalism Nonprofit-Social Services Research Producer / Production Content Creation / Creative

Personal Summary - Optional

As you can see in my CV, working and communicating with people not only occupies most of both my paid and unpaid experience but is also a great passion of mine. I work best in a team and am a naturally friendly and communicative person. As a graduate of the University of Manchester with Music and Drama BA (Hons) 2.1, I have a background of study in a wide range of modules, focussing on singing, the history of film, acting and directing for theatre, and composing for film.

Being a Voice Contributor has given me amazing experience in working with professional editors, and a wide range of creative people. I have been a guest on the Voice Extra Podcast on Spotify, discussing my articles and other topics surrounding what I write about. My monthly column focuses on the more traditional arts, such as theatre, classical music and film. I also have a monthly blog that ranges in content, but explores mainly current social issues, especially regarding young women and social media. I am currently a member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, reflecting my passion for the arts, as well as my motivation to develop as a person and a musician, communicate with people, and give myself the best opportunity to grow during this stressful time that covid-19 has placed us in. I have had a lot of experience promoting arts events in my time at university, as an ambassador in a professional capacity, but also as a volunteer fundraising for productions of operas, plays, my own projects and the projects of colleagues.