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Tiago Correia

  • Video Integrator
  • Netherlands
  • 21/07/2021
Contractor Engineering Information Technology System / Solution Architecture Broadcast Engineering

Personal Summary

• Telecommunications, IPTV/OTT Environments, Network Management and Provisioning - Extensive knowledge in remote troubleshooting of data telecommunications network solutions including remote maintenance of router and switches installed in clients and office facilities. Skilled in analysing networks indicators and proposing new and faster solutions, wired and wireless enterprise-wide configuration, deployment and management of multiple types of network system resources.

• Data Analysis - Skilled in gathering, analysing, and manipulating data. Good level of efficiency with data analysis tools like SQL, Python.

• Other Programming Languages and Computer Skills - PHP, Perl, Shell Scripting, Ruby, HTML, JavaScript, Microsoft Office Tools.
• KPI Reporting and Analysis - Reporting, analysing and presentation of KPI related to troubleshooting incidents.
• Interpersonal and Communication Skills - Good communicator with the ability to work under pressure in fast-paced, time-sensitive environments. Good ability to interact effectively with people of diverse nationalities, comfortable working in a multicultural setting.

Work Experience

Video Integration
Jan 2019 - Liberty Global

• IPTV system architecture and end-to-end understanding of Broadcast platforms and IP networks.
• Defect management (troubleshooting) of issues found on the STB software releases during the project phases, providing root cause analysis.
• Provide support in deployment phase of new projects by assisting during TFT (Technical Field Trial) & OFT (Operational Field Trial) phases.
• Deploying new builds and tailored Country JSON configs to the STBs, using tools (BitBucket/Git) for versioning control and AWSCLI to download.
• Use of JIRA Atlassian software (bug/issue tracking software) and Confluence for documentation.
• Analysis of STB (Set-Top Box) logs and web/micro services (Kubernetes) information flow between the STB and the backoffice using Linux tools, Wireshark software and centralized logging (Grafana & Kibana).
• Technical responsible for the ACS and MQTT (including the troubleshooting from server to CPE side).
• Use of Postman for API testing and Provisioning.
• Provide solutions using rPi's to simulate Countries, helping with troubleshooting and automation testing.
• Developing scripts to automate daily tasks using Python and/or Bash.
• Integrating new STB hardware models on the network.
• AWS S3 bucket creation, with AWS Lambda Function, used for storage of objects, but keeping always the first object uploaded, based on events.
• AWS Lambda Function created using Serverless Framework.
• Migrating legacy STBs to new platform using micro services to provide the EPG, VOD, etc features on old STBs.

Home Network Integration
Jun 2018 - Dec 2018 NOS Inovação

• Interaction with the suppliers to report issues and propose improvements.
• Elaboration of Technical Specifications for Home-Gateways
• Firmware integration for Home Gateways, Cable modems and Set-top boxes
• Develop procedures and Testing of Home Gateways and Cable modems
• Developing scripts to automate daily tasks
• Remote management for Home Gateways and Set-top boxes
• New platforms and hardware integration for Home Gateways
• Run specific smoke tests for Home Gateways, Cable modems
• Technical responsible for the ACS (including the troubleshooting from server to CPE side) and focal point of contact for ACS vendor

Senior Operation Support Systems Engineering
Jan 2015 - Jun 2018 Portugal Telecom

• Linux Sysadmin, development of M2M scripts for remote disaster recovery of routers, using Python, Bash, PHP and SQL(Oracle and MySQL) and NoSQL(MongoDB).
• FrontEnd development to interface with M2M scripts, using different approaches, HTML, CSS, Javascript, NodeJS (CRUD), Apache Webserver, NGINX.
• Web Apps Testing for QA
• Python and Perl scripting, shell scripting:
- A simple collect and store system, later becoming a triggered by events correction system. Imagine a client had voice problems or WiFi problems, my script received an event and tried to fix the client issue.
- Another script I have developed had the goal of storing a great deal for data from the client CPE to do metrics and find bugs.
- As I needed to correlate the information from hardware/network with client data I used APIs to retrieve and send that information.
- Also I created a monitoring system that would send me an SMS if it found some error on my logs.
• Created remote backup/restore features on CPE (e.g. Restore WIFI and Port-mapping settings after factory reset).
• Implementation of security process for client CPE's, some devices had the algorithm available on the internet to generate the password, so we change it remotely on BOOTSTRAP.
• Syslog signaling to detect problems in 'real time', specify new abilities for web-based diagnostic tools, and QA on those same web-based tools that interact with different networks (MPLS, IPTV, ADSL, GPON), using Python and SQL.
• Integrating network-facing and client-facing OSS, using SOAPUI to test Endpoints
• Data mining to improve process or malfunctions, troubleshooting more complex issues (3rd line support related to IPTV, ADSL, GPON, CPE and STB), gathering information from multiple sources to enrich process and troubleshooting information.
• Also supporting Provisioning for mobile (GSM,•3G, 4G) SIM cards, HLS, InformixDB, and Service API for customer data retrieval.

Senior Home Networking Engineering
May 2013 - Dec 2014 Portugal Telecom

• QA and Testing of IPTV application on STB and mobile devices (OTT)
• QA on the following CPE: Speedtouch/Thomson/Technicolor, ADB/Pirelli, Zyxel; STBs (SA, Cisco, Motorola/Arris)
• Stress/Load test on routers and security test on routers, to see how it beaves with constant traffic, and/or how it handles heavy bursts of traffic on different interfaces LAN, WAN, WIFI.
• Pentesting to GUI, CLI, Firewall/IDS of different CPEs
• IPTV specific tests on Thomson/Technicolor and 2Wire (some of these tests were QoS), also using Wireshark to trace the protocol.
• VOIP tests on Linksys and Cisco, using Wireshark to trace the protocol, some DVB testing to the quality of the video streaming.
• Using Raspberry Pi's to perform automated tests on routers one of which was a Probe to capture kernel panic errors, sysadmin (Linux), connected by the GPIO.
• Remote test from HDM (Home Device Management) using ACS/TR-069 protocol to interact with different manufactories and devices (Thomson/Technicolor, 2Wire, ADB, Pirelli, Zyxel, COAXs e PLCs).
• Manual gaming tests on PlayStation, Xbox to ensure they don't disturb the TV(QoS); Gaming tests from the STBs (Motorola)
• Troubleshooting more complex issues (3rd line support related to IPTV, ADSL, GPON, CPE)
• Some projects with Oi Telecom SA using ACS/TR-069 and others in house projects, for example a machine connected to a private network which only talks with CPEs, also using Wireshark to trace the protocol.

Senior Network Access Engineering
Oct 2009 - May 2013 Portugal Telecom

• Provisioning of wireline clients, network maintenance, monitoring
• Troubleshooting more complex issues (3rd line support related to IPTV, ADSL, GPON)
• Testing of IPTV STBs
• Integrating network-facing and client-facing OSS and defining technical requirements, using SOAPUI to test Endpoints
• Auditing services for security problems
• Creation of PHP scripts to check the configurations of network devices and assist in auditing them with a front end using JQuery and CSS.
• Remote solutions implementation, using RaspberryPi's, 3G/4G USB Modems
• Some field interventions on network hardware, OLTs(GPON), DSLAMs(ADSL)
• Quality assurance onsite with ONTs by vendor

Implementation and Planning Engineering
Sep 2008 - Oct 2009 Portugal Telecom

• Troubleshooting more complex issues (3rd line support related to IPTV, ADSL, GPON)
• Integrating network-facing and client-facing OSS, using SOAPUI to test Endpoints
• Voice and broadband probe testing support
• Integration for in-house web based troubleshooting tools (MPLS, IPTV, BBRAS/Radius, ADSL)
• Some projects (ProbePON, this tool will show us with a small margin of error where is the fiber split or high attenuation).

Network Access Engineering
Nov 2003 - Sep 2008 Portugal Telecom

November 2003 - September 2008
• Troubleshooting, maintenance, operation on fixed service(MPLS, IPTV Mediaroom, ADSL, GPON, PTSN, ISDN, BBRAS/Radius, DVB, STB)
• Testing of IPTV STBs
• Testing EPG, DVR local and cloud, VOD, Streams (Video and Audio)
• Provisioning of clients
• CPE support for TV clients and for Internet clients
• Monitoring Network elements with WhatsUp
• Some projects (PT Schools - FCCN, Migration SIBS, CONFAC/CAP, MEO TV Service and ADSL Bonding).


Computer Science by UAB - Computer Science
Jan 2015 - Universidade Aberta
Technical degree - telecommunications
Jan 1999 - Jan 2002 Institute of technical education