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Ruby Waters

  • Runner
  • London, UK
  • 29/06/2021
Intern Entry Level / Junior / Apprentice Producer / Production Broadcast Engineering

Personal Summary - Optional

I have recently graduated from Film Production at Solent University where I have learnt the
basics of the film production process from pre to post production.
I am committed to building my portfolio by collaborating with different teams of like-minded
and dedicated individuals that will challenge me to ultimately fulfil my full potential as a sound

I am able to take instruction well, organise my time, and communicate efficiently to make any
project that I am working on go smoothly.
I am also confident when speaking to clients whether it is by phone, email, or in person and
communicate with the level of professionalism needed to be a suitable ambassador for any team
or company I may be a part of.

Full UK Driving Licence