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Sphiwe Mnqgiti

  • Cinematographer/Photographer/Content Producer/Social Media Strategist
  • ZA
  • 17/05/2023
Full time Audio Visual / Display Broadcast Engineering Camera Operator / Technician Content Creation / Creative Editing / Editor / Edit Assistant Marketing Producer / Production Post-Production Post Producer / Post Production Manager

Personal Summary - Optional

I am a very creative individual who likes to look at things from an alternate perspective. I pride myself of my idea generation and creation process. Highly relatable with other people. I always thrive to add into a group effort and like doing things with like minded people and not so like minded people who will challenge what has been presented at first hand. I love taking on challenges and looking into new ways of solving problems. I love solving problems as it gives way to progress and new methods of doing things. Good with communication among people. Highly respectful but also likes to challenge existing boundaries. I am very technology informed and like to keep up with technology trends and upgrades. Highly passionate about story telling and visual story telling that at that. 



• Cinematography
• Photography/Editing
• Video Editing
• Producing
• Film/TV Directing
• Digital Marketing
• Social Media Strategist


Zulu 100%
English 95%
Sesotho 50%