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Ki Cornell

  • Post-House work: Video Editor, VFX Artist, Audio Editor, Content Creator,
  • Falmouth, Penryn - Would be willing to travel
  • 08/05/2023
Part time Animation Audio Visual / Display Camera Operator / Technician Content Creation / Creative Editing / Editor / Edit Assistant Entry Level / Junior / Apprentice Post-Production Sound Audio Engineering

Personal Summary - Optional

As mentioned in my Resume, I am very hungry to learn more editing practices and work within the industry gaining experience and honing my skillset.

I consider myself a creative person and love exploring any facet of media creation, devoting a lot of my time to creating, experimenting and honing my understanding of editing tools.

Recently, I have grown a new-found appreciation of audio-engineering and have been incredibly interested in the process of creating and mixing score's.

Currently I am studying at Falmouth University and would be interested in Part-Time work alongside studies, but would be equally interested in Internship positions.

I like Jack-Of-All-Trade positions, but also enjoy specializing my understanding of any given topic, so I am prepared to pick up many different skills.

I am going onto my summer break and would love to spend that time working in the field.

Show-reel available upon request.