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Kiersa Berg

  • Radio host, radio producer, podcast producer, audio producer, content creator, audio editor
  • London, UK
  • 25/04/2023
Content Creation / Creative Content Distribution / Transmission Design Marketing Media-Journalism Research

Personal Summary - Optional

Ken Nordine, a radio personality and voice-over artist, once said, "I want to make people think about their thinking and feel about their feeling, but even more important to think about their feeling and feel about their thinking." Feeling about thinking initially seems like an abstract idea, but we all do it more often than we realize. Take, for example, when we get lost in a really good song. Instead of going through the typical, "I like this, so I'll keep listening" logic, the song elicits a feeling that gets applied to how we hear the song, which makes us feel our thoughts first. It happens with anything that immerses us in the story being told. That's the approach I take when creating audio essays, soundscapes, or podcasts. I produce accessible audio journalism that welcomes new listeners so they can feel before they think.