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Freya Kavanagh

  • camera trainee, runner, intern, apprentice, researcher, directors assistant
  • Hertfordshire, CM21 9HE, UK
  • 24/04/2023
Part time Content Creation / Creative Editing / Editor / Edit Assistant Entry Level / Junior / Apprentice Producer / Production Post-Production Research

Personal Summary - Optional

I love stories. I am especially attuned to the stories not being
told, the ones that lie beneath the narrative, the reluctant
ones, the ones that aren't clear to hear. I have always had an
ear for these stories.Understanding the power the camera
holds, when creatively worked with, is exciting, and leaning
into roles where creating supportive and collaborative spaces
is something I am keen to become more involved in. I've
already achieved a lot, but I am still young, I am still naive
and I need the best help I can get to mould all of this into
something more professional and productive. Over the last 5
years I have worked on a number of film projects, both in a
professional capacity and as part of my course. These
include the documentary "Off the Pitch" and feature film
"Sam and Doug" directed by Brendan Cleaves. I have also
used this time to focus on my research skills, which has
included researching the production design element for a
zombie apocalypse film, carrying out documentary archival
research and conducting personal interviews to research the
back-story and personal perspective of the main characters
of a documentary. I have learnt the process of conducting
primary and secondary research and fact-checking
information for both fiction and non-fiction based films. I
always want to ensure that my films are both accurate and
believable. I am confident on the phone, having reached out
to numerous people, including Andy Morahan on a campaign
video. Since being in the industry, I've gained an acute
understanding of peoples' needs and am able to adapt my
resources and communication to aid those in need in the
best possible way.


Computer proficiency
Communication skills
Proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro and
other adobe softwares
Microsoft word, powerpoint, excel
Skills and experience with Sony,
Blackmagic pocket and Ursa cameras
Problem-solving abilities
Client-facing experience
Developed good time management