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Megan Sullivan

  • Runner
  • 15/04/2023
Part time Content Creation / Creative Editing / Editor / Edit Assistant Entry Level / Junior / Apprentice Post-Production Training

Personal Summary - Optional

I am an enthusiastic, friendly worker and I value the importance of working closely with
people as well as independently. I can communicate well and have experience with
customer service. I am an energetic and ambitious individual, who has developed a
mature and responsible approach for any task that I undertake. I am also organised and
dedicated to every situation that takes place. I have graduated with music and sound
degree which I studied online, independently for 2 years.!


• Communication - applied in all jobs listed below.!
• Customer service - applied in all jobs listed below.!
• Time management - applied in all jobs listed below, university zoom calls weekly as
well as assessment deadlines.!
• Problem-solving - as a supervisor I have come across many problems in overcome.!
• Team work - applied in all jobs listed below.!
• Leadership - as a shift supervisor.!
• Adaptability - Working with new employees often when they are hired, as well as
working full time and being a student full time I had to adapt to the new lifestyle over
the last few years.!
• Organised - being full time student and a full time shift supervisor I had to organise my
life to fit both that would work perfect.!
• Active listening - able to take criticism with my job and my work to improve myself.!