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Patrick Friend

  • Audio Engineer, Sound Engineer, Broadcast Engineer, Studio Runner
  • 28/03/2023
Full time Broadcast Engineering Camera Operator / Technician Editing / Editor / Edit Assistant Entry Level / Junior / Apprentice Post-Production Sound Audio Engineering

Personal Summary - Optional

● Problem Solving: Working with a wide range of software and hardware during my degree has provided me
with experience in logically diagnosing and fixing issues.
● Communication: Over the 5 months of my final year technical project, I was reporting to 2 PhD students who
relied on my detailed correspondence for their own research.
● Location Recording: During my degree, I have engineered or assisted on over 30 location recordings, most of
which were classical.
● Music Editing: I am confident editing classical and non-classical takes to a professional standard.
● Studio Experience: I have either run or assisted on over 80 sessions while at university.
● DAWs: Experienced with Pro Tools, Pyramix and SaDIE.