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Harry Baker-Smith

  • Manager, Composer, PR manager,
  • London, UK
  • 20/03/2023
Full time Management Marketing Research Sound Audio Engineering

Personal Summary - Optional

Relevant Skills
* Marketing - Building the election campaigns of myself and others has given me a wealth of experience in building a brand that speaks to a variety of audiences.

* Interpersonal Skills - Two District Council elections and numerous radio appearances have given me excellent public speaking and interpersonal skills that can be utilised in a variety of scenarios to build strong relationships.

* Event Planning - As a president of two university societies, I planned, organised, and carried out multiple social and rehearsal events every month. This included writing Risk Assessments and considering safety precautions for all members.

* Financial Administration - During the 2021 election cycle I aided the treasurer of ESCA in the collation, formatting and submitting of expenses forms. This was a lengthy process, but I helped make the process more efficient and easier to complete in the future.

* English Language - A very strong comprehension of written English and how to apply it concisely and effectively for persuasion and other purposes.