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Martin Rusek

  • broadcast camera operator, lighting camera operator, video editor
  • London, UK
  • 25/01/2023
Full time Camera Operator / Technician Editing / Editor / Edit Assistant

Personal Summary - Optional

I am a visual storyteller and I am passioned about an honest, uncompromising approach to filming without cutting corners.

I’ve been a lighting camera operator and a video editor for 20 years and I pride myself on having the skills of capturing the moment with its vibe, emotion, and context.

I think ahead, I am confident in taking decisions and bearing responsibility. I am self-reliant and I’m capable in working in limited production teams. I am quick in identifying problems and  reactively finding solutions, often working outside of the box to resolve issues.

Besides that I have a good sense of direction, which is beneficial when filming off the beaten track. I’ve been trained to identify possibly dangerous situations and minimize risks.

I work both on locations and in studios. I have broad experience in filming and editing documentaries, features, travel shows, arts and entertainment programmes as well as live and prerecorded multi-camera studio shows and interviews. 

I am multilingual — besides English I’m fluent in Czech / Slovak, intermediate in Spanish, and have a basic knowledge of French.

I'm a holder of a full driving licence and a permanent EU work permit.

Reference available upon request.