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Yuliia Tereshchenko

  • Edit producer, producer director, series producer or development producer.
  • Manchester, UK
  • 22/10/2022
Full time Producer / Production Post-Production

Personal Summary - Optional

My passion is Unscripted TV. I want to be a part of creating great and exciting TV shows.
Use and share all of my knowledge and experience to create the best possible shows and support my
peers to develop.
I want to expand my horizons and extend my experience as much as possible.
These are the roles in which I am experienced and am looking for opportunities in:
Production Manager, Development Producer, Story Producer, Post-Production Supervisor, and Post-
Production Editor.

Key Skills

• Developing the major idea of a season or project. Finding and harnessing new and interesting
storylines and twists
• Contact with customer (TV Channel) to approve ideas
• Control of casting process, and choosing ideal personalities
• Developing character-arch and narrative
• Developing reality series - competition, hooks, drama point etc.
• Scheduling shooting plan, liaising with all stakeholders to organise the most efficient schedule

• Implementing planned story-arch and narrative with the end goal in mind
• Following the dramatic path of the characters and participants
• Respond quickly to changing circumstances and invent new plot twists
• Assigning camera operators the task of shooting additional video for more flexible editing
• Managing the output of all teams to achieve the best result
• Interviewing

(Adobe Premier, Final Cut, Avid Media Composer)
• Cutting original material and composing it into a captivating series
• Analysing the hook and drama points, adding reinforcing details such as pauses, music, or
adding interjecting interviews etc to improve the final product
• Creating teasers and promotional material
• Selecting appropriate and dramatic background music
• As production chief I can analyse the work of other teams; understand, articulate, and support
in how it can be improved
• Controlling and adhering to postproduction schedule