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Jeffrey Levenstone

  • Video Editor, Colorist
  • 28/09/2022
Contractor Content Creation / Creative Editing / Editor / Edit Assistant Post-Production

Personal Summary - Optional

Good Day,

I've been an editor & Color Grading since 2006 and worked as freelancer and in house editor at Publicis Amsterdam. 

I'm very technical (IT background) when needed be (color spaces, Aces, File formats, codecs), and use that technical knowledge to do creative things.

I've built database systems in Filemaker pro & Neo4J (graph databases) and am comfortable working with databases if needed for productions.

I have edited in Davinci Resolve (Since Version 7), Premiere pro, Final Cut 7, Autodesk Smoke. I am comfortable working in After Effects and Black magic Fusion for motion design. And am capable of learning specific technical and creative workflows needed by companies for specific jobs.

In terms of project management, I'm familiar with shotgun, and I'm open to learning Ftrack if needed be.

My primary editing & color grading application is Davinci Resolve, in which I also use fusion from time to time for motion design and VFX.

Here is my Showreel

Edit Reel  

Color Grade Reel 

Kind regards,