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Simon Leavesley

  • Colour grading, Colourist, Editor, Camera Operator,
  • London
  • 27/09/2022
Full time Editing / Editor / Edit Assistant Camera Operator / Technician Post-Production

Personal Summary - Optional

I have been freelancing for over 5 years now working with adverts, corporate videos and mainly in the film industry mainly colour grading short indie films using DaVinci Resolve as well as some editing using Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci Resolve as well.

I'm well adversed with frame rates, codecs, and various deliverable formats.

What i do is mainly because of what i used to do as a child which was paint all the time to have an emotional outlet in-fact you could say i still do passionately paint its just my canvass is now digital media and i use emotion's now as a motivational tool to connect with the characters and footage and express the emotions of the film through colour so the audience is immersed into the film/video instead of just watching it this is what i do on a daily basis.

I work just as well and confidently alone just as well as i work very well with people in a team and also i am very confident in voicing suggestions and putting my ideas out there.

I have done adverts, corporate videos, showreels, film trailers, and i have a competence in organising rushes and syncing sound for editing and grading.