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Murat Bulut

  • Broadcast Engineer and Supervisor
  • Manchester, Trafford, M16 9BQ, UK
  • 13/07/2022
Full time Broadcast Engineering

Personal Summary - Optional

Broadcast Engineers operate broadcast systems and make sure radio and television programs are broadcast in
time. Common duties of a Broadcast Engineer include operating and maintaining systems, handling repairs,
creating audiovisual links between various locations, preventing interruptions caused by equipment failure, and
collaborating with other members of the team. Based on our most successful resume samples, essential
qualifications include audio visual equipment expertise, decision making, fast thinking, networking, and
communication skills. Eligible candidates make display of a degree in audio visual technology in their resumes.

- Broadcast Media - Flexibility, the ability to remain calm under pressure
- Experience in electronic engineering and using - A proactive and results-focused approach to work
communication equipment - Aerial and satellite installation
- Fault-finding skills and the capacity to solve technical - Equipment installation and service
problems in a creative way - The ability to work well in teams
- AUTOCAD - The ability to apply digital (and analogue) theory and
- Experience of installation and operation of video and work from diagrammatic information
audio glue equipment, router, camera, vision mixer, - Sufficient colour vision and hearing
server, multiviewer, uplink-downlink, IP equipment etc. - MS Office, Exel, First Aid/CPR
of many different brands
- Project Management
- Strong communication and people skills
- Excellent attention to detail, time management skills