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  • Freelance Junior Researcher
  • 07/07/2022
Intern Entry Level / Junior / Apprentice Media-Journalism Research

Personal Summary - Optional

I consider myself to be a curious and joyful detail-oriented individual with a passion for diversity and inclusion. I
have an innate and instinctive ability for integrating intersectionality and co-production into my process of
working. I have over three years experience working in both the charity and media sector, where I have a track
record cultivating safe, welcoming and fun environments and spaces that allow people, especially minorities, to
passionately and proactively engage and feel a sense of belonging. I'm self-motivated and proficient at working in
fast paced environments without compromising quality. I am eager to learn and develop and never shy away from
a challenge.

Key Skills
● Diversity and inclusion focused
● Strong instincts for a good story and editorial judgement
● Motivated and driven self-starter
● Diligent and meticulous organisational approach and eye for detail
● Excellent adaptable dynamic communication style and strong interpersonal skills
● Facilitating Connections
● Capability to work well in a team and under pressure

Campaign Officer (Kickstart) - The Disability Union Feb -
June 2022
● Proficient in Social Media Targeting and Communication. - quadrupled their Facebook following In less
than three months using original organic social content, - doubled their Instagram following from 700 to
1600, increased their reach and engagement by 360% and 110% respectively, with real, relevant,
engaged and responsive followers.
● Excellent copywriting and editing skills, close attention to detail
● Developed their social media strategy utilising data driven insights to create new ways to use social
platforms to enhance storytelling and interact with audiences
● identified and engaged disabled people and unpaid carers to take part in virtual workshops I facilitated
independently to challenge the barriers they face and make real change in their own communities.
● Demonstrated the ability to make sound independent decisions consistent with business needs
● Evaluated and made recommendations for new event opportunities
● Created a five minute short film to be shown at the Scottish Labour Party conference, as well as a
webinar in partnership with Unison Scotland and The Disability Union, exploring barriers to employment
from a disability perspective - As part of this we integrated accessibility through the use of subtitles and
voice overs to illustrate the power of inclusion.

Consultant - Disability in Journalism Forum News UK | Blakademik Media -- 28th - 30th March 2022
● Reviewed footage to select varied clips that represent the breadth of diverse thought and lived
experiences for use on social output.
● Time stamped and transcribed 25 clips that I selected to use before sending off to the editor.