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Francesco Carlucci

  • London Bridge, London, UK
  • 23/06/2022
Contractor Studio Management Camera Operator / Technician

Personal Summary - Optional

I have been a Cameraman for 16 years and with a Cinematographer's vision.
From 2005 to 2014 as a Cameraman, camera assistant and technical Manager for a Cinematographic production in Italy, the decision of the image composition, with an accurate description of the cinematographic and television language.
Then in the last seven years in the UK based in London, I improved my professional skills
(for a year I founded a video production company and recently freelance).
A realization of an independent music video, the event of Glastonbury festival cinema 2017, Videographer teacher in primary and secondary schools, and continued collaboration for four years with the company Pasinet Broadcasting and Serpini Film, recently I also worked with the company Fw Studios, ENP Productions and Tank Streaming.
An experience in the show in future films "No time to die" by B25 in production responsible for digital rushes on set in Italy and the UK at Pinewood Studios as Video play/back in the split unit.
During the year of Covid-19, I studied improving my professional skills by doing a Cinematographer Academy workshop with NYFA.
You canĀ  consult my showreel and also my portfolio on my websites.