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Riese Mcmorr Pungayan

  • Broadcast Engineer, Broadcast Technician, Project Engineering, Technician, IT, Network Engineer, Network Technician, IT Engineer, Support, AV
  • 06/04/2022
Full time Audio Visual / Display Broadcast Engineering Camera Operator / Technician Editing / Editor / Edit Assistant Engineering Information Technology Installation-Maint-Repair Sound Audio Engineering Studio Management System / Solution Architecture

Personal Summary - Optional

• Over 5 years of experience in broadcast engineering, network engineering, IT hardware and 
software engineering, audio-video systems installation, configuration, and maintenance
• Extensive background in analog and digital electronics systems, possessing a solid understanding of design, development, and maintenance process
• Passionate about advancing in cybersecurity through ongoing education and skill-building
• In-depth knowledge of video and audio encoding, decoding, and compression systems
• Adept at managing complex IT infrastructure, cybersecurity measures, including network systems, server infrastructure, and storage systems
• Demonstrated ability in immediately troubleshooting and handling faulty equipment
• Experience in configuring and maintaining remote control systems for broadcasting equipment
• Computer skills include: - Broadcast software applications (NewTek Tricaster, Vmix, Teradek, 
LiveU, Soliton, Vislink, Panasonic, Blackmagic, ROSS, Opengear, Nautel, Roger Coude, etc.)
- Livestreaming (Vmix, OBS, RTMP, Cisco Webex, Wirecast, Zoom, Facebook, Youtube)
- Windows, Mac (iOS), and Linux Operating Systems
- Server Configuration (Teradek, LiveU, AJA, etc.)
- Network Engineering, Cisco routing and switching
- Network Administration and troubleshooting (PRTG, Wireshark, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, VLAN)
- Network Attached Storage (NAS) Server Management (QNAP)
- IT Security tools (VMware, Virtualbox, Kali Linux, Burpsuite, Metasploit)
- Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL Programming
- MS Office, Microsoft 365, Adobe CC, Final Cut, Internet, and emai

• Strategic Planning and Strategic Partnerships
• In-depth knowledge of computer hardware and software (Desktop PCs, Laptops, Microsoft 
Office, Router Interface, OBS, Vmix, Blackmagic Design, NewTek Tricaster, Windows, Apple,
and Linux OS)
• Able to carry out audio and video editing (Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Audition, Final Cut)
• Experience in installation, configuration, management, and operation of sophisticated 
broadcast and IT equipment/software.
• Specialized knowledge in network protocols such as TCP/IP, DNS, LAN/WAN connectivity 
concepts, WAP installation, configuration, network cabling, and network architecture design
• Able to provide technical support for the entire organization on both software and hardware
• Familiar with security information and event management (SIEM) systems, with experience in configuring, managing, and analyzing log data from various sources
• Skilled in endpoint security, including experience with antivirus, anti-malware and host-based 
intrusion detection and prevention solutions
• Adept in social engineering and phishing attacks, with experience in developing and delivering security awareness training programs to educate employees on these types of attacks
• Thorough execution on the preventive maintenance of broadcast, IT, electronics, electrical, 
and air conditioning equipment
• Highly skilled in cellphone repair, software upgrade, and modification
• Proficient in reverse engineering, with a keen eye for detail