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Leah Sharp

  • Production Designer, Casting Assistant, Designer
  • York, North Yorkshire, YO31 8HW, UK
  • 16/01/2022
Part time Media-Journalism

Personal Summary - Optional

I am a Third year Media Production student at York St John University with an interest in Production Design and Casting. I have a range of practical skills in media including production designing, communication skills and really enjoy working with people. I have also created a 12-page student fashion and lifestyle magazine which enhanced my knowledge of InDesign and market research. I am currently seeking an internship opportunity in which I hope to further develop my skills within the industry.

Key Skills
◦ As part of my degree, I must be creative and think of unique and interesting ideas which can be applied into my work. During my storytelling and story to script module I came up with a story of my own and adapted the story into a script that could be made into a production.
◦ Throughout the module there was various aspects of script writing covered. This enabled me to research and analyse gaining confidence in writing and developing an initial story idea which I then turned into the script at the end of the module.

◦ Creativity is particularly important in the media industry especially in production design which is the role I am wanting to go into. Since joining York St John, I have highly developed my creativity in a range of different areas of media production such as storytelling, presentations, production design, short film etc.
◦ I have been able to create my own documentary ideas as well as short film and script ideas too. The practical experience gained from my course has benefitted me in gaining vital skills to take into the industry with me.

Independent Presentation Creation and Analysis
◦ During my various production skills modules, I gained vital skills in creating presentations I was able to create a pitch for a potential client and come up with my own advertisement idea. I am hoping to be able to use these skills practically within the media industry.
◦ Analysis for presentations and research tasks has been a big part of all my modules so throughout university I have gained a wider knowledge on the different analysis techniques and ways to guarantee all the information I need is professionally researched and analysed.