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Mark Cheffins

  • location sound trainee, 2nd assistant sound
  • Kent, UK
  • 03/01/2022
Contractor Entry Level / Junior / Apprentice Producer / Production Sound Audio Engineering

Personal Summary - Optional

Hi, I’m Mark and I have spent 30 years immersed in audio. My motivation originally came from a boyhood passion for film and cinema, one that has stayed with, and inspired me ever since.

I feel fortunate in that I have never regarded what I do as being ‘work’. While I always loved what I did as an AV installer, it was only after undertaking THX training at Skywalker Ranch that I knew that, in audio, I had found my true vocation. This led me to my working directly with Lucasfilm, Paramount and Fox, to name just a few in the years that followed. Those experiences have led me to where I am now.

While embarking on a career as a freelance sound recordist is a relatively recent venture for me, I have already worked on a few short projects with great success. It helps that in my former ‘day job’ I produced content for three corporate YouTube channels, so understanding what is needed in the edit suite is already second nature. That’s why I know that my existing skillset is helping fast-track me on my journey to becoming a reliable, professional sound recordist.

Today, I have a wide and varied skillset, one that encompasses both designing and installing playback systems for Dolby Atmos presentations to the opposite end of the signal chain, accurately capturing dialogue & sound effects for Film & TV.

Bottom line? I absolutely love sound, something you’ll discover if I’m part of your next project. Drop me a line at any time... I’m eager to help bring your vision to life and give it the performance it deserves.