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Joseph Cheetham-Wilkinson

  • Producer, Field Producer, Development Producer, Production designer
  • United Kingdom
  • 28/12/2021
Contractor Producer / Production

Personal Summary - Optional


To summarise my experience broadly, over the last ten years I have been involved in every aspect of production, usually above-the-line, but have also had to hone skills in writing and editing scripts, casting, location management, cam-op and directing, editing with sound knowledge of Premiere Pro and other packages, finance (most recently budgeting a £3m feature) and so have come to be known as somebody who makes things happen. I have a background in business, so I have excellent skills in organising teams and bringing projects together, frequently from a standing start. I am used to working in a fast-paced environment, and juggling the various aspects of a production efficiently and effectively. I am used to producing quantity and quality with a quick turnaround.

In mainstream video and television I have worked on productions for major global media companies including in high-end commercial, as Production Designer for BBC Bitesize, Scenic Artist for Sky TV, and most recently Field Producer for the Discovery Channel which concluded this month, involving creating stories, finding contributors and locations and managing crew, with a fast-paced turnaround and the very highest standards of quality.

From seed to fruit: As a Producer I have written and created a number of original intellectual properties from the earliest stages of development to final release, including 70 episodes of children's television. Most of these series' have been low-budget, ranging from £15k (£1,150 per episode)-£75k at £7,500 per episode, with cast and crew between six and twenty people. I have one of my own children's productions available to view on numerous cable and satellite channels globally, with another due for release this year. I also have one super-low budget show currently broadcasting in Australia, New-Zealand and the Cooke Islands. I already have two distributors in place for my up-coming new release in the UK and the US. So I am experienced in working with tight budgets without compromising quality, and creating content with broad appeal which relies heavily on talent and good writing as a production-value.

I have also produced a chat-show with UCB, which was my own I.P. Again. That, like much of my work, involved everything from sourcing and auditioning guests, managing budgets and transport, filming and editing VT's, finding and auditioning musicians and performers, as well as set-design.

I have had a number of roles in low-budget feature film, including Line Producer on 'Birches', an adaptation of the Adrian Plass novel 'Ghosts'(350k), I was Producer on the Documentary Drama 'Morningstar'(75k), involving all aspects of the film-producer role. I have also had numerous speaking roles in film and television, as well as general production assistant roles in 'Grace and Gravity'(35k) and other projects.

Business, Charity and Management:

Before entering the media production world I was already well-versed in project management, having started out managing high-end website sales and design development projects for business, before opening my own company and gaining and maintaining 76 business clients requiring full media and technical projects.

During the first lockdown I took responsibility for the emergency response for vulnerable people in my town, having a fully-functioning and efficient system in place by March 2020, including a website with forms, back-office databases and client monitoring systems, allocating hundreds of jobs to over 160 volunteers. This included transport to hospital appointments with proper insurance, risk assessments and health and safety policies at the peak of the pandemic, collecting and delivering prescriptions, a to-the-door shopping service, and a food bank. Due to publicity and outstanding communication we now have more money in the bank than when we began.

I have volunteered for other charities over the years, as well as working with charities such as House of Bread on video production projects.

Over the years I have set up and run twenty or so film and animation clubs in numerous schools.

I have several YouTube videos with over 100,000 views.