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Lewis Foster

  • Production Assistant
  • 17/12/2021
Full time Entry Level / Junior / Apprentice Producer / Production Content Creation / Creative Editing / Editor / Edit Assistant Sound Audio Engineering

Personal Summary - Optional

A creative and personable individual who strives to be successful in any task whether it be based on priorities to work or even hobbies. I am driven to perform at my highest possible standard and maintain a strict level of discipline to deliver a professional attitude to employment. I have a respectful competitive streak towards company objectives and the appropriate drive to complete tasks efficiently. I function well on solo tasks having exceptional attention to detail.

I am confident and capable in my ability to use IT and Microsoft packages including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and email packages. I can give clear, concise instruction to others ensuring a smooth encounter with internal and external stakeholders. A conflict resolver who is personable, loyal, and a process-focused individual that can work within a fast-paced and target-driven environment.

Patient and capable of making tactful, diplomatic, and planned approaches to difficult situations and tasks whilst striving to be a loyal and committed employee able to function with the company ethos in mind to achieve distinction. I believe I own and display a strong work ethic alongside taking pride in all tasks and always aiming to deliver results to the highest standard especially if given the opportunity of working with your company.