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Public watch party Moderator

  • DAZN
  • IJsselstraat 27, 1972 WB IJmuiden, Netherlands
  • 16/05/2024

Job Description

DAZN’s Public Watch Party is a platform that allows fans to chat and interact with one another about what they’re seeing as they see it. By embedding live chat into our premium livestreamed content, DAZN’s Public Watch Party creates real-time connectivity at a large scale. 

For the first time, DAZN fans in the same region can not only watch sports together, but also communicate with one another – allowing for an even better social experience. 

Our moderators are engaged in text-based online chats, with DAZN customer while they are watching sport events.

Your objective is to stimulate conversations and create an engaging and completing experience for customers to be active and come back again and again to Public Watch Parties, whilst making sure that the interactions between the consumers is respectful and according to the standards of DAZN.

Chat moderators working at DAZN utilize their language skills, Sports knowhow and the watch party tools to spice up the sport event and create a new experience allowing the customer to take an active part while watching.  

This role will be based remotely in either Italy or Germany

As our new Public watch party Moderator, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Sync with the editorial teams and DAZN commentators about the specific insights of the event preparing topics for discussion and engagement.
  • Prepare relevant Polls, Quizzes, and relevant Gifs/stickers to activate the participants at key movements.
  • You are responsible to ensure that there is a safe and respectful interaction between the participants, and you will utilize your chat skills and the tools to create a fun and exciting party, using the right toolset at the right time.
  • Stimulate conversion between the participants in the party.
  • Use the tools provided to excite participants about the event and keep them engaged in chat.
  • Enrich the experience by adding sports relevant data and clips at the right time.
  • Keeping conversations safe, positive, and cohesive by removing and/or blocking abusers.
  • Deleting inappropriate messages.
  • Review and react to reports made by participants in the party of inappropriate activities.
  • Put participants on timeout when/if necessary.

You’ll have:

  • Active social account as a contributor.
  • Sports savvy in a specific sports field.
  • Sports Journalist/blogger background (big advantage).
  • Software/computer Savvy – you are required to operate the moderation management software and DAZN app simultaneously while hosting the Party
  • Fluent German speaker -verbal and written.
  • Good English.
At DAZN, we bring ambition to life. We are innovators, game-changers and pioneers. So, if you want to push boundaries and make an impact, DAZN is the place to be. 

As part of our team,you'll have the opportunity to make your mark and the power to make change happen. We're doing things no-one has done before, giving fans and customers access to sport anytime, anywhere. We're using world-class technology to transform sports and revolutionise the industry and we're not going to stop. 
AMBITIOUS – people who want to make a big impact and drive DAZN forward. 
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PASSIONATE – people who are proud of our product, our content and our business – and love to shout about it.  People who love what they do and show commitment every day. 
BRAVE – people who take difficult decisions to help us focus on improving DAZN, our performance and our results. 
SUPPORTIVE – people who know that we achieve more as a team than as individuals.  People value inclusion and look out for each other, helping their colleagues enjoy their work and develop their careers.  People who consider others before making decisions. 

At DAZN, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment that values equality and diversity, where everyone can contribute and have their voices heard. This means hiring and developing talent across all races, ethnicities, religions, age groups, sexual orientations, gender identities and abilities. 

Everyone has the opportunity to make change and impact our DEI journey by joining our ERGs: Proud@DAZN, Women@DAZN, Disability@DAZN and ParentZone.
If you’d like to include a cover letter with your application, please feel free to. Please do not feel you need to apply with a photo or disclose any other information that is not related to your professional experience.
Our aim is to make our hiring processes as accessible for everyone as possible, including providing adjustments for interviews where we can.
We look forward to hearing from you.