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Digital Media Technician Lead, Seoul

  • Pixelogic Media Partners
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • 13/12/2023

Job Description

Please note: we will only consider candidates that posses the current and continued unrestricted right to work to in Korea.

General Job Description The Distribution Encoder will be responsible for creating digital media deliverables and packages in several formats for film and television content. Technical knowledge of digital media and its core components, including video mezzanine formats, audio, metadata, subtitles, closed captions and artwork is necessary. Tasks may include video and audio editorial; transcoding and encoding; frame rate conversions; video repairs and restoration; audio conforming / retiming; subtitle reformats; metadata XML creation / editorial; quality control. Extensive knowledge of video encoding and transcoding systems is essential. A background in processing UHD media is a plus. The ideal candidate is highly motivated, possesses a flexible attitude, and adapts quickly in a fast-paced environment. In addition, they must be able to work as part of a team that deals with changing priorities and workloads. Attention to detail and efficient multitasking is mandatory for the Distribution Encoder role.

Lead Responsibilities

 Act as a subject matter expert for encoding team

 Field questions from other encoders or project managers and assist as needed

 Assist in the training of new hires or other team members on best practices and procedures for asset prep and package and delivery Asset Prep

 Pre-Qual all sources assets that are received

 Identify/Flag any items not to spec or any items that are not correct

 Identify/Flag task entries (Encodes/Assemblies, Assets, and destination tasks) that are not to specific destination specs  Conform Encodes and Assemblies to P2P spec or other custom requirements

 Conform Previews to P2P or Create Clip Previews

 Conform Audio/Captions/Subs to Encodes

 Conform Dubcards

 Create specific forensic (nexguard) Watermarked Encodes.

 Create any platform specific transcodes as needed (Example: Dish Network)

 Place all completed assets in their asset specific locations Package & Delivery

 Assemble Metadata in proprietary systems for packaging.

 Add chapters in proprietary systems when needed (this is platform specific)

 Send Encodes/Assemblies and Assets to QC

 Review QC Notes and update/ create revise assets if necessary

 Review QC Notes once PASSED to ensure that specific QC items are updated with the correct verbiage

 Author and create packages for specific platforms as needed (iTunes, Amazon, Disney Plus, etc.)

 Run all verifiers on packages as needed

 Complete all packaging checklists


General Requirements  Audio and video program editing, conversion, compression, encoding and quality assurance testing for theatrical and episodic releases  Knowledge of UHD content  Familiarity and working knowledge with some tools and applications including but not limited to DVS Clipster, Colorfront’s Transkoder, DaVinci Resolve, Vantage, Aurora, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Suite and Pro Tools are essential  Confident working in subtitling applications, such as EZ Titles, Mac Caption, Annotation Edit  Identify and address discrepancies in media files that may arise during the creation and calibration of production reference files and related projects  Efficiently utilize various audio and video production tools (audio/video tape machines, compression systems, encoders, decoders, converters, pre-processing systems, etc.)  Create and review metadata deliverables in various formats, including XML and JSON  Detail oriented and strong organizational skills  Ability to operate under high pressure situations and handle time-sensitive content  Effective communicator and positive team player  Must be available for offsite communication outside of normal business hours  Must be able to work flexible hours, including overtime, if and when necessary  Able to work shifts that may include early morning or late evening hours and/or cross weekends

Fixed-term to permanent contract

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We are an equal opportunity employer. Our employment decisions are made without regard to race, religion, color, gender, gender identity, disability, age, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, citizenship, veteran, military, or any other legally protected status.

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  • Robust pension plan
  • Global company with a diverse and inclusive environment
  • Career development
  • Collaborative, team-based structure


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