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Sr. Manager, Scripting & Subtitling

  • Pixelogic Media Partners
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • 15/11/2023

Job Description

Sr. Manager, Scripting & Subtitling will drive the overall execution for Pixelogic's all localization operations in Korea. Managing and leading initiatives to ensure that all English and Korean production deliverables are the highest quality translation possible.

They will manage and determine the allocation of resources within Localization production to drive continuous improvement, schedule projects to ensure on-time delivery (OTD), and work with territory managers to assign the right translators to ensure right-the-first-time (RFT) initiatives.

The role will be responsible for analysing the business needs of the Korean production team; including inter-departmental volume forecasting, recruitment, and training objectives, as well as core workflows and processes that bring standardisation, prevent process gaps, and help strengthen the Korean Localization teams under their management structure.


Primary Responsibilities:

· Manage teams handling English into Korean Subtitles as well as Korean into English Scripts, Subtitles, SDH, Metadata, etc. across all clients

· Manage the end-to-end production of all Localized content, overseeing both English and Korean aspects of the process

o Manage and report all issues and challenges to General Manager of Korea and VP of APAC Operations

· Inform capacity projections and strategies of all work to effectively expand the team to meet growing demand

· Establish a solid understanding of the client specifications and needs related to production workflows and processes within Localization

· Attend and contribute to corrective action report (CAR) meetings as they pertain to your team

· Manage overall rejections for Korean

· Work with Development team on tools and workflows to maintain quality and efficiency

· Manage quality operational initiatives (OIs) for Localization

· Attend, represent the ICS team and distribute notes for kick-off and daily/weekly production meetings to ensure Korean projects are being correctly managed and getting global support as needed

· Attend meetings with the global operations teams to drive both departmental and companywide operational initiatives

· Lead VIP initiatives for all VIP titles, executing additional quality measures and attending and participating in all VIP meetings

· Work with the global ICS and Territory Ops leadership, production leads, client operations and subject matter experts to establish and evolve internal strategic processes, identify and define opportunities for tool, workflow, system, and team strategy improvement solutions that will drive overall continuous improvement, on-time delivery, and right-the-first-time initiatives in line with client expectations

· Responsible for escalating any issues that could put a Korean project in jeopardy whether it be for internal deadline risk, quality risk or external risk

· Support and execute recruitment and training strategies to drive the overall expansion, development and continuous improvement of editorial and linguistic resources for Localization

· Other duties as assigned


Equal Opportunity Employer

We are an equal opportunity employer. Our employment decisions are made without regard to race, religion, color, gender, gender identity, disability, age, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, citizenship, veteran, military, or any other legally protected status.

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  • Robust pension plan
  • Global company with a diverse and inclusive environment
  • Career development
  • Collaborative, team-based structure


  • 탄탄한 연금 제도
  • 다양하고 포괄적인 글로벌 기업
  • 경력 계발
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