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  • Picture Head
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • 09/02/2023
Colourist Post-Production

Job Description

Who we are!

As part of the Streamland Media Group, Picture Head are industry leaders in finishing on a global scale. Our employees represent a culture of ambition, creativity and innovation – where our talent are rewarded with generous company benefits, professional development opportunities and training and competitive salaries.

What we do!

Picture Head’s clients range from the biggest studios in Hollywood to some of the World's most creative auteurs. Our business model boasts Top-Tier Talent, State-of-the Art Technologies, and Level 0 Security Clearance resulting in the safest, most efficient way to deliver any form of Modern Media to the public eye.

What we need!

We’re looking for an experienced Colourist ready to bring their creativity and skill to a new role and engage with a team that prides itself on delivering a quality result.

What we’re looking for, from you!

  • Responsible for all content in the Colour suite. Executes colour correction for Marketing projects.
  • Grades shots with a full range of primary and secondary colour correction, including the ability to selectively grade individual elements within a shot.
  • Prepares for client sessions; consults with Producers and assistants beforehand to check elements to ensure accuracy and flag any technical or creative concerns.
  • Performs post session follow-up such as assessment of work orders and completes any necessary revisions.
  • Works with Scheduling and Operations to assess and fulfil the needs of the clients.
  • Fills out all work orders and reports for assigned projects.
  • Creates, renders and QC’s all deliverables. 

What Experience we’re looking for!

  • 5+ years of experience in colour correction.
  • Strong technical knowledge of colour correction platforms including Resolve and/or Baselight as well as 2D/3D DI  projection-based and monitor-based grading. Strong understanding of colour science, familiarity with various working and finishing colour spaces including DCI P3, XYZ, Rec2020 and Rec709, as well as comfort with transforms and conversions from one to another. Experience with various projected fL levels strongly preferred.
  • Prior knowledge and experience with DolbyVision and HDR grading required.
  • Familiarity and experience with various file types (TIFF, EXR, ProRes, DPX etc) as well as camera formats  (RED, ARRI, MXF formats etc).
  • Strong interpersonal skills; ability to interface with clients and internal producers regularly and maintain excellent working relationships. Ability to guide client sessions in a collaborative and confident manner.
  • Willingness to mentor junior talent
  • Must be able to maintain flexible schedule to meet production requirements; ability to work long hours as needed; ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Must be able to work independently with little to no supervision or heavy reliance on assists. Able to apply creative license to work as well as take over existing projects when necessary and maintain the creative intentions for those projects.
  • Ability to focus for extended periods of time, excellent visual acuity.
  • Work well under pressure; deadline oriented.
  • Ability to attract and retain clients.
  • Adaptable to change, reliable and dependable.
  • Effective communication and leadership skills.
  • Detail oriented and creative.
  • Resourceful and flexible with sound business judgment and integrity.
  • Must have general knowledge of various file and data formats.
  • Must be a team player who can work with Production and Operations for the benefit of the facility and business.


This role is based in LA, USA – You must be able to be physically located in LA for the length of this contract. This role is not based in the UK.

Various Contracts available.