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Senior Assistant Colourist

  • Molinare TV & Film Ltd
  • London, UK
  • 15/11/2022
Full time Engineering Post-Production

Job Description


Molinare is a film and broadcast post production facility with over 47 years of experience and is now one of the most respected names in the industry, specialising in television drama, feature films, feature documentaries and broadcast factual.

Molinare began in 1973 with a small studio called Molinare Sound Services. Today, having expanded into the world of high-end broadcast and feature post production, they are in an exciting position of strength and growth, providing the most creative and technically advanced services achievable.

Specialisms include grading and digital intermediate, sound, VFX, workflow management and international servicing.

The Position:

You will be part of our talented team of Senior Colour Assistants at our busy Soho facility. You will be responsible for our Film and TV grading suites, and will assist and support our industry leading colourists. You will perform and oversee the conform and prep work for the colourists, producing the deliverables from the grading suites and assisting our colourists with trims, vfx grades and client reviews.


You will also be instrumental in the training of Colour Assists and Assistant Colourists to ensure consistency throughout the department and tasks are completed accurately and in a timely fashion.


The Colour team work with state of the art toolsets, primarily Baselight, creating deliverables for streaming platforms, international film studios and global TV broadcasters.


The job-holder will provide in-depth technical and workflow support to the Colourists, Online Editor, Post Production Manager, other Molinare staff and clients on a project-specific basis throughout Molinare’s DI processes. To supervise the work activities of the colour support team and monitor the consistency and quality of the work. An extensive knowledge of Baselight and conform processes is essential



Key Responsibilities:


·         Provide operational and technical support to the Colourists and grading suites.

·         Liaise directly with the colourists to learn their individual creative and technical preferences when prepping a project.

·         Supervise the work undertaken on all assigned projects as they progress through the DI department. Ensure that there is consistency throughout the project and ensure the Colour Assistants working on the project understand the project’s technical requirements and deadlines, especially when work is required overnight or at weekends.

·         Provide in-depth technical and workflow support and advice to the Post Production Managers with regard to the projects that you’ve been assigned.

·         Facilitate work as necessary to advance or complete assigned projects.

·         Gain an understanding of the project in advance by liaising – and attending meetings - with the Sales team, the Post Production Manager, relevant Molinare technical staff and relevant members of the production.

·         Ensure the project is set-up and facilitated in the most technically and time efficient manner possible and that the relevant people are aware of the workflow.







·         Ensure all media for the project is processed correctly and that any information with regard to this – debayer settings etc – is passed on to the relevant people.

·         Liaise with the colourist, online editor, production staff – such as offline editor – and others about the technical details of the project and ensure that all parties understand the technical requirements and deadlines of the project.

·         Monitor the progress of the conform and attend spotting sessions if required.

·         Gain a familiarity with both the material and the clients and attend screenings and reviews of the material.

·         In the event of problems or queries about the material, project or workflow, to be the main point of contact for the colourist and the client.

·         Ensure the documentation of projects is kept up-to-date (VFX lists, cut versions, LUTs used etc.)

·         Ensure that all deliverable materials contain all final versions and elements of the material and ensure it meets the Colourists intentions, especially with regard to the colourspace conversions required for deliverables.

·         Provide advice and training to the Colour Assists and Assistant Colourists.

·         Grading tasks will involve: project preparation, grade matching, VFX grade reviews, updates and on occasion produce grades to completion on supporting materials such as promos, EPKs and marketing materials.

·         Update projects whilst ensuring there are consistent grades for updated visual effects shots, online effects shots and editorial changes. Adjust grades when required, ensuring any changes or updates are communicated.

·         Check media integrity and quality and fault find issues with camera rushes and post workflows. 

·         Problem-solve and escalate any issue as required

·         Ensure the technical setup of the grading suites & kit for the colourists. 




You will have advanced experience in Baselight. A thorough understanding of Digital file formats / standards and UHD HDR QC processes. Experience in an edit assistant or conform editing role is also desirable.

You will have worked in a role that has provided technical, operational and practical support for clients, editors in a production, broadcast or post production environment. Importantly you will be a great team player and strive to provide a high level, reliable, friendly frontline service.


General Duties:

In addition to the specific duties and responsibilities outlined in this job description, all employees should be aware of their specific responsibilities towards the following:


·         Adhere to all health and safety and fire regulations and to co-operate with the company in maintaining good standards of health and safety.


·         Adhere to all policies and procedures at all times.


·         Uphold ethical and professional standards and not behave in a manner that is likely to bring the company into disrepute.


·         Promote and sustain a responsible attitude towards equal opportunities and diversity across the company.


·         Demonstrate a commitment to on-going learning and development and to participate in any training relevant to the role.







·         Be an active role model as a team member at Molinare.



This job description is not exhaustive. It merely acts as a guide and may be amended to meet the changing requirements of the company at any time after discussion with the post-holder.


Knowledge and Experience:


·         Understand the theory and practice of DI processes, including: Camera and viewing colourspaces; Dolby Vision, HDR and SDR workflows, LUTs; resolution mappings, scaling and formatting images; frame rates and frame rate conversions; picture ratios; and the technical requirements of all aspects of the DI process.

·         In-depth understanding of video and audio codecs, compression techniques, file transcoding and technical metadata

·         Knowledge of all widely used digital camera formats and to understand how to process these for use in Baselight suites or other DI processes. To flag quality or other issues with supplied materials to the relevant people.

·         Understanding of information exchange formats, such as EDLs, AAF’s, XMLs etc.

·         Understanding of broadcast specifications and QC processes.

·         Knowledge of all standard operating systems and platforms (Windows, Mac OS).

·         Understand the formatting – and relevant limits – of storage devices, especially PC, Mac and EXT formatted drives.

·         Understand the theory and practice of file conversion and management. Utilise software and hardware to undertake these tasks.

·         Knowledge of modern post production workflows, equipment and infrastructure

·         Understand the implications of decisions and actions on the workflow

·         Basic knowledge of Linux

·         Educated to A Level or equivalent level. Grade C or above in Maths & English at GCSE or equivalent level.  Educated to Degree or equivalent level desirable.


Skills & Abilities:


·         Good organisational skills – focused, organised, analytical and methodical approach to work with excellent attention to detail.

·         Self-motivated approach to work with the ability to manage own time to work towards demanding deadlines.

·         Ability to be flexible and adapt to constantly changing priorities whilst maintaining first class client services.

·         Ability to use own initiative and make decisions but recognise problems and escalate as appropriate.  

·         Ability to work effectively within a small flexible team, as well as independently when required

  • Ability to deliver results and outcomes.

·         Excellent IT and computing skills

·         Ability to work effectively within a small flexible team, as well as independently when required

  • Ability to fault-find, solve technical problems and escalate as appropriate
  • Ability to work to demanding deadlines

·         Excellent client facing communication skills, especially in order to ascertain clients' needs, and to identify solutions to any problems










·         Communicate technical issues in simple language when liaising with clients and other non-technical colleagues

·         Experience of data processes in a post production environment

·         Sound understanding of the principles of TV and film delivery standards

·         Sound understanding of operational broadcast theory




Company Values: 

What do we believe in at Molinare: -

·         Teamwork - Our best projects are born when we share our skills and experience with each other

·         Passion - We treat every project with respect and time that it deserves

·         Expertise - By embracing our creative background, we take the risks that allows us to aim higher

·         Talent – We nurture talent to grown and do something meaningful at Molinare, which raises the bar for all of us.

Inclusion – We all grow better professions and better people by working with different backgrounds, cultures and thinking styles