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NOC Engineer

  • NEP UK
  • Manchester, UK
  • 12/09/2022
Full time Engineering Facilities Broadcast Engineering

Job Description

NEP Connect, part of the NEP Group and worldwide network, is a leading provider of global critical connectivity services. NEP Connect’s technology and team deliver content to millions of viewers worldwide via a comprehensive satellite and Anylive® fibre infrastructure.

 NEP Connect broadcast 250 hours of live content every day, supporting clients that include global brand names and broadcasters like the BBC, Channel 4, Five, ITV, Sky Sports, to deliver experiential live events and social network streaming to audiences in multiple territories.

 NEP’s team of more than 3,500 employees are driven by passion and a focus on technical innovation, and together they have supported productions in over 65 countries on all 7 continents. Headquartered in the United States, NEP has offices in 24 other countries.

 The Role

In this role the NOC Engineer will work as part of the NOC shift team at the NEP Connect office in MediaCityUK to control all NOC operations for internal and external clients.  The NOC engineer will undertake live control of events and be the main contact point 24/7 for continual broadcasting.



·         Undertake operational duties in support of the NOC Team Leader and NOC Manager

·         Quality control and integrity checks of all incoming and outgoing video and audio signals.

·         Monitor the status and performance of operational systems and ancillary equipment, taking corrective action as required

·         Communicate fault conditions to engineering support staff, customers and service suppliers and generate incident reports

·         Information handling and dissemination using telephone, VDU, off air monitoring sound and vision, email.

·         Undertake the establishment of occasional use services, (including taking and making bookings when necessary), at short notice, in accordance with customer requirements

·         Co-ordinate services with customers, satellite operators and third-party providers

·         Respond to alarms/warnings in accordance with procedures

·         Undertake routine testing, preventative and corrective maintenance of transmission systems and ancillary equipment

·         Operating master router switcher and ensuring inhouse client’s requirements are met

·         To log all technical faults and irregularities

·         To provide technical advice and assistance for all studio, lines and NEP Connect operations

·         Use the NEP Connect scheduling systems, to check lines booking and coverage details.

·         Obtain running order from galleries and cross check with scheduling information.

·         To advise Production Staff concerning studio technical facilities when possible

·         To report any irregularities on the system drawings and contribute to the update of the system drawings

·         To be conversant with the communications and talkback systems

·         To be conversant with essential services in technical areas, e.g. mains, generator


 Customer Focus:

·         To build sustainable relationships with existing and new customers to ensure they are aware of our business objectives to deliver innovative products and services

·         To act as a proactive and courteous company liaison

·         Effective management and handling of any customer complaints, including escalation where applicable

·         To understand customers’ needs and adapt technology and process to meet requirements

·         To identify further sales opportunities with existing customers and ensure these opportunities are recorded and delivered to the appropriate internal team



·         To share documentation and training to all relevant teams to ensure effective knowledge transfer

·         To assist in the training of operators, engineers and support staff

·         To demonstrate a cohesive approach and communicate confidently at the highest level in order to build meaningful external and internal relationships

·         To ensure all other departments are up to date with any progress, issues or changes of faults and report accordingly


Skills / Qualifications


·         HND or Degree in Broadcast/Electronic Engineering

·         Preferable 2 years’ experience in NOC/Teleport Environment

·         Live within an hour travelling distance to base

·         Excellent level of PC proficiency

·         Familiarity with broadcast system standards and waveform measurements:

HD-SDI, SDI, 3D, Dolby, AES/EBU, MPEG, System M, System N, System B, System I, 525,625,720,1080-line systems, ASI, DVB-S/S2 etc.


·         Operating a wide range of equipment including IRDs, Sat Modems, HPAs, Up-converters, Down converters, Encoders, Multiplexers, Stat Muxes, Spectrum analyser, Standard Converters, VTRs, DVDs, Waveform Analyser, broadcast routers, TBUs, ISDNs codecs, Talkback units.

o    Supporting a multi-channel transmission environment.

   Extensive knowledge of

o    RF and uplink systems

o    Encoding and Multiplex systems

o    Conditional Access systems

o    Broadcast Video Standards

o    Video Routers

o    Talkback systems

o    Booking systems including ScheduALL

o    Video Monitoring Systems


Personal Attributes


This position will have access to sensitive information and, as such, must be managed with great integrity. Professional, unbiased and credible behaviours in this role are essential at all times.

 Communication – the ability to speak and write so as to be clearly understood by others, using appropriate vocabulary, grammar and style.

 Teamwork – a sense of team can make a significant difference in whether you meet or fail your objectives. Team meetings are required to share information, tips and successes are essential. Just as important is creating and maintaining the bond across the team.

 Initiative – the willingness to move things forward by taking action without needing to be asked and without due escalation.

 Resilience – the ability to cope with difficulty, negotiate obstacles, to optimise performance in the face of adversity. Take rejection as a personal challenge to succeed with the next client and turn a loss into a development opportunity.

 Organising Work – the ability to marshal and manage resources (people, funding, materials and support) to achieve a task. Able to manage own time efficiently and to handle multiple activities in parallel to accomplish the goals. Be conscientious and take great pride in your work.

 Inquisitive – the ability to ask appropriate questions and understand the implications.

 Analysis – the ability to gather relevant information, notice relationships between different pieces of information, reason from cause to effect and generate effective solutions to practical problems.

 Interpersonal Sensitivity – the ability to recognise clearly and accurately others’ points of view, feelings and needs and the willingness to take these into account.

 Integrity – the willingness to adhere to social, ethical, professional and organisational standards. Be respectful and listen to others.

 Achievement Orientation – the determination to set oneself and meet high standards, exceeding norms and expectations.

 Judgement – the ability to be rational, objective and unbiased when making decisions or taking action.

 Visionary – the ability to demonstrate personal commitment to Company goals in an energetic way so as to motivate others and create an environment where the core values are realised.