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AV Executive

  • Channel 4
  • Manchester, UK
  • 28/07/2022

Job Description

Job Title: AV Executive
Department: Sales
Location: Manchester

AV Sales are charged with generating maximum commercial revenue on sustainable basis.  The principle focus is airtime & All4 however there is also emphasis on cross-sell partnership opportunities, liaising with specialist team as & when appropriate.  AV Sales are responsible for ensuring that inventory is fully optimised.  The AV Team advises the Trading Team as to level of flexibility within deal book, what sales policy might encompass and then manages & delivers deals subsequently negotiated to a successful conclusion.


The job holder will process campaign approvals both linear & digital, ensuring that they are delivered in line with agreed terms, inventory allowing.

The job holder will work directly with Campaign Operations and the other portfolio teams to ensure that inventory is optimised to the maximum benefit of Channel 4.

The job holder will seek to identify sales opportunities to maximise 4Sales revenue in the course of carrying out their daily tasks.

  • To process campaign requests and ensure campaigns are set up, booked and delivered for both linear & digital (including pre-bookings, and allocating and moving spots) in an appropriate manner.
  • To ensure spots are scheduled efficiently, in line with deal parameters and in accordance with company and industry guidelines and regulations.
  • To manipulate airtime to the company’s advantage.
  • To monitor linear and digital campaigns on a daily basis to endure deals are delivered according to the sales policy and airtime is optimised and delivered.
  • To maintain agency relationships through day-to-day contact.
  • To respond to ongoing agency requests and queries (e.g. turnarounds) in line with company guidelines.
  • To ensure traffic deadlines are met.
  • To monitor deal parameters for their accounts in line with general sales policy
  • Responsibility for late money and amendments, including identifying sales opportunities, making late sales in line with sales policy, booking and monitoring late or amended campaigns and optimising airtime in light of late or amended campaigns.
  • To administer programme select parameters on C4 and where appropriate Ch4’s digital channels and its third party trading partners.
  • To perform post CAMGEN checks surrounding auto generation procedures, checking that campaigns have the most appropriate levels of inventory.
  • To assist the AV Manager with reconciling airtime by covering agency clients
  • To help with training, development and performance of Assistants in the AV Hub.
  • Reporting Line: reports to AV Manager

Technical & Professional Skills (see Education & Experience)
  • An understanding and proficiency in the in-house sales and reporting systems, and Microsoft Excel up to intermediate standard.
  • Excellent negotiating and sales administration skills.
  • A thorough knowledge of the Account Team’s agency portfolio.
  • A thorough understanding of airtime optimisation to maximise revenue with minimal wastage.
  • A reasonable understanding of industry guidelines and regulations (OFCOM, BCAP, Clearcast).
  • A thorough knowledge of the market place and all Channel 4 / Third Party programming required in order to identify late sales opportunities.
  • The job holder is expected to keep abreast of pricings, general media/sales trends
  • The ability to analyse expenditure and brand information to make informed decisions on forecasting.
Autonomy/Judgement/Decision Making
  • Job holder must be able to work unsupervised within guidelines e.g. responsible for making changes to campaigns and budgets
  • Seeks guidance from Agency Sales Manager or above for problems such as continuing agency conflict, significant changes to campaigns and late sales or problems that fall outside of guidelines
  • Judgement on placing ads responsibly according to industry regulations and guidelines
Managing Resources
  • Ensures an optimal use of inventory in deal delivery.
  • Helps with coaching and training for new team members and guiding people new to the role of Assistant.
Relationship Management
  • The job holder needs to develop good external and internal relationships: It is essential to maintain an open and communicative relationship with all stakeholders
  • A point of contact for all agency airtime problems and issues: a client-facing role developing and maintaining effective relationships with agencies to negotiate spot moves.
  • Mediation skills are required for pressure situation e.g. managing conflict over the phone; Seeks guidance from more senior staff where conflicts arise.
Complexity/Problem Solving
  • The job holder must constantly balance customer relationships with maximising the capacity of Channel 4.
  • The job holder must attempt to resolve day to day trading issue with our partners, involving the Agency Sales Managers and Group Agency Sales Manager if appropriate
  • The job holder must attempt to resolve day to day internal issues of schedule changes, optimising airtime and creating inventory to allow late sales.
  • The job holder monitors campaigns for accuracy of delivery vs agreed terms and also to ensure that inventory is optimised with minimal wastage.
  • Booking late money where appropriate, under the supervision of Agency Sales Managers.
  • Must be able to juggle and prioritise tasks according to strict deadlines, therefore time management is important
Business Impact/Strategic Perspective
  • The job holder impacts on revenue received by 4Sales through direct selling opportunities especially late sales and other incremental monies.
  • The job holder impacts on airtime efficiency / capacity, through their slotting of a campaign. Assist business strategy by reviewing figures and analysing market data for the Late Sales Manager.