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Compliance Advisor

  • Channel 4
  • United Kingdom
  • 17/06/2022

Job Description

Job Title: Compliance Advisor
Reports To:  Senior Lawyer
Department: Legal & Compliance 
Location: This role can be located at Channel 4's Leeds or London offices.


The Legal & Compliance Department advises the Channel's editorial staff and its programme makers on content-related legal and compliance issues relating to the making and broadcast of programmes and other content on all Channel 4 platforms, before and after broadcast.

The team provide guidance on ethical issues and best practice in relation to the making and broadcast of our programmes.  They also ensure that product placement, sponsorship, competitions and all audience interaction (AIT) is conducted in a compliant way.

The aim of the department is to enable the broadcast of bold programmes and cross-platform activities, whilst minimising the risk of legal attack or regulatory difficulty after transmission. This requires a close working relationship of trust and co-operation between producers and the Channel's editorial and legal staff. 

This can range from attending meetings and viewings across genres, advising teams on filming in hostile environments, watching live programmes to ensure any problems are dealt with immediately, advising on competitions, through to working on ground-breaking programmes whilst remaining in the confines of the regulatory codes, including the Ofcom Broadcasting Code.


An advisor providing regulatory (particularly Ofcom) compliance advice on programme and online content published in all media including television, online and emerging technologies; and the robust defence of legal and regulatory challenges to that content.  

No legal qualifications are necessary.  

  • Compliance: viewing and advising on the content of programmes and online material and associated material (eg. press releases and trails).  Advising throughout the production process on pre and post broadcasting issues and attending meetings/recordings/events/edits where necessary.
  • Ethics: Give sound advice on potential ethical issues affecting content
  • Training: Providing training to new and existing staff, as well as external organisations/individuals (such as producers), on regulatory and compliance issues.  Attending training sessions to keep up to date on regulatory/industry developments. 
  • Complaints: Investigating, responding to, and defending Ofcom or viewer complaints.  
  • Commercial support: Advising on sponsorship, product placement and AIT within the regulatory framework. 
  • Relationship building: Collaborating closely both within the legal & compliance team and more widely eg. with Channel 4 commissioning, online, 4Studio, press, corporate, creative services and marketing teams and independent production companies.  
  • Providing clear support and advice to help realise editorial ambitions whilst also ensuring the content can be defended
  • Working within Channel 4’s editorial reference up procedures, in addition to seeking guidance from more experienced team members and your line manager
  • Contributing to the department’s team playing and collaborative approach and reputation for enabling advice 
  • Keeping up to date with key regulatory developments, Ofcom decisions and internal Channel 4 policies and best practice such as the Channel 4 Producers Handbook. 

  • Proven compliance experience in a similar role, such as a broadcaster, production company or media company
  • Solid working knowledge of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code
  • Ability to apply regulatory and best practice knowledge, including the Ofcom Broadcasting Code and Channel 4 Producers Handbook, to content
  • A pro-active approach to problem-solving
  • Collaborative team player who is keen to learn 
  • Great communicator who is able to build relationships internally across Channel 4 and externally.
  • Enjoys playing a strong, supportive role in a team
  • Confidence in own judgement but also able to be flexible and adaptable
  • Good drafting skills and excellent attention to detail
  • Appreciates the importance of referral up and getting second opinions/sense checks where appropriate 
  • Able to manage a busy workload to tight deadlines with competing priorities and pressures and do so in a calm and measured manner.