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Rights Manager

  • Channel 4
  • Leeds, UK
  • 30/05/2022

Job Description

Job Title: Commercial Affairs Rights Manager
Department: Commercial
Location: Leeds


4Rights is the department within Commercial affairs that; manages the clearances of programmes, programme support materials, online commissions, trailers and interstitial materials; manages Channel 4 talent and copyright deals including music blankets; manages the acquisition of programme rights outside of terms if trade; manages the flow of programme rights into Channel 4 services and businesses; manages the information and reporting systems associated with this activity; and manages the collection of net receipts and other royalty participations for the channel.


The costing and clearing of programmes, online materials, trailers and clips for your area of rights across all forms of third party rights including music, archive and talent.

This will include negotiating rate cards where necessary, initiating payments, reporting usage, using Silvermouse and managing the admin and invoicing.

The role will report to the nominated Rights managers and there will be the flexibility to work across different disciplines and offer cover during holidays.

The roles require close liaison with independent producers as well as internal staff. The main areas of responsibility are clearing programmes, clips, online and interstitial materials for TV channels, VOD, DTO, DVD and other secondary exploitation.

  • To ensure producers meet their contractual obligations and manage the various Clearance Processes for Channel 4’s services and businesses including costing and reporting obligations:
  • Liaise with all the key programme makers to ensure producers clear core rights required by C4 (all copyright and music issues) for all programmes (especially priority programming). 
  • Ensure all commissions are cleared and clearable for Channel 4 services and businesses. 
  • Cost repeats and other commercial activity for the businesses. Implement clearances & clearance reporting and note rights information according once approval reached.  
  • Ensure all producer information is inputted in Silvermouse, working closely with Soundmouse and producers to achieve this. 
  • Liaise with Compliance team over any resulting legal issues 
  • Advise Finance Managers on budgeting for copyrights and talent costs, including changes to Union rates. 
  • Support HoD for collective licensing deals across talent and music

  • Clearing music for trailers, interstitials, marketing activity, cross-media promotions and 4Creative projects. 
  • Negotiate broadcast/grand rights fees for all dramatic music works on C4 (opera, ballet etc.) as well as help producers secure the synch rights. 
  • Negotiate and clear any music shows or videos acquired by Channel 4 but not pre- cleared for transmission. 
  • Advise on music contracts for non-standard composers’ agreements including all the operas.

Talent Unions 
  • Arrange letters of financial guarantee for Equity productions. 
  • Assist in the resolve any industrial disputes resulting from use or miss-use of Talent Agreements with the Unions, talent agencies and copyright owners, as well as to agree workable deals for C4 and its producers to use their material or services.  
  • Advise Commercial Affairs negotiators on contracting rights and talent, as required, especially on non-standard arrangements/precedents, and on changes to Talent Union Agreements. 

Business Support 
  • Assist Screen Ocean (the commercial licensing of C4 clips and the C4 library) with clip enquiries. 
  • Deal with non-commercial rights enquiries including non-theatrics screenings. 
  • Support and clear titles for Film Four library.


Technical and Professional Skills 
  • Expert knowledge of broadcast and DVD rights
  • Good people skills
  • Good understanding of excel
Autonomy/ Judgement/ Decision Making 
  • High level of autonomy and management of own workload
  • Requires making judgements about issues within own area
  • Ability to make decisions on a variety of matters and justify decisions using precedents
Managing Resources 
  • Responsible for ensuring businesses are accurately informed of costs and the best deals are obtained for the business
  • Ability to delegate costing and clearing work to others during busy periods
Relationship Management (Internal and External) 
  • Manage and support the Assistant Rights Manager, managing relationships within the team to ensure work is handled in the most effective way
  • It is important to have good relationships with the business teams and keep up a continuous communication with all members
  • It is equally important to have good relationships with producers so that they consult the person freely throughout the production process
  • It is essential to understand that producers should be treated as customers
Problem Solving/ Complexity 
  • The role requires complex problem solving and a detailed knowledge of Rights
  • The person needs to be able to work autonomously and make decisions concerning a wide variety of matters within own work area
  • The role requires an ability to think creatively towards problem solving
Business Impact/ Strategic Perspective 
  • Overall awareness of the business strategy set in conjunction with Head of Rights and senior managers
  • The role requires accurate reporting, sound advice and good negotiation of deals to ensure the lowest possible financial impact on the business
  • Established in-house negotiation experience at media organisation/s
  • Solid background in media/television and as well as copyright and talent unions clearances