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Producer, Front End Services (On-site)

  • The Farm Group
  • Slough, UK
  • 17/01/2022

Job Description

Producer, Front End Services (Dailies + Pulse)

Reports to:  Supervising Producer, Front End Services, working closely with the Front-end Services Team, alongside the Feature and Episodic teams, Sales, and Engineering.

Positioning of Role: The Role is a Producer role specialising in Front End Services: Dailies, Pulse, Manual VFX Pulls.


  • The UK Post Business offers a range of services through specialist teams focused on the differing needs of the Feature, Episodic and Marketing Services markets. This role is currently focused on both the Features and Episodic Market.


  • Good experience working in a Post Production/Production environment preferably with a detailed knowledge of Dailies/Digital Front End.
  • Deep knowledge / experience of Feature Film Post Production/Production processes and front-end process such that a ‘hands on’ approach is possible
  • Intermediate Technical knowledge of Dailies – Understanding of OCF/LTOs/ALEs/CDLs/LUTs etc.
  • Basic understanding of Shoot/Post process and Cameras including Editorial, Data & I/O Operations, VFX 
  • A track record as a Post Producer on Studio Level Features is an advantage.
  • Proven ability to build and maintain sustaining relationships with clients at all levels. This includes excellent client handling skills, established relationships along with experience in generating new business from existing and new clients.
  • In general, strong communication skills, excellent organizational skills, ability to work on own initiative and proactively handle day-to-day Client Services issues, escalating and resolving these where appropriate
  • A Problem Solver, good Attention to detail, and a logical thinking approach.
  • Knowledge of ScheduALL is an advantage


  • Team Player: Contribute to an effective Feature Project Management Team that is fully integrated and highly collaborative with Artists, Operations and Technology Services and who understand and provide Studio Level Post services. Proactively driving and communicating with a team of operators and artists day to day.
  • Project Management: Under the direction of the Senior Production team, develop an understanding of, and executing activities within Dailies, Manual VFX Pulls, and Pulse. Ensuring all progress is reported and progress documentation is updated in a timely manner. Scheduling, creating WO’s and effectively manging resources, ensuring projects are delivered to deadline and all billing activities are accurate and kept up to date


  • Producer activities:


  • First Point of Contact: Project-based Customer Contact and Support
  • Partner with Pulse Operators to ensure client-related tasks are being completed, using Microsoft Teams Tasks, ScheduALL, and various reporting tools
  • Partner with Front End Coordinator to confirm receipt of LTO / HDD coming in and out of Picture Shop Facilities (Lexington Street, Slough, Cardiff)
  • Work Orders – Extract, Catalog, Ingest LTO / HDD
  • Aspera Shares User ID Creation, Vendor Set-Up
  • Colour Loop / Vetting Package notification and response
  • Billing via ScheduALL


Project setup and management 

  • Location management (visas, Per-Diems, hotels, transport, room sizes, blacked out, air-con)
  • Scheduling (material backed-up/given to editorial/uploaded to PIX)


  • All deliverables (RAW to LTO and project required material to editorial/upload site)
  • All OCF
  • OT of operators and passing costs on where appropriate 
  • Operator days worked and be ready to swap people in if required for rest

Client Support

  • 1st POC for all client issues
  • Client relationship building
  • Client meetings and when required
  • Client documentation
  • Site visits as and when required


  • Client Relations: Able to build and maintain sustaining relationships with clients at all levels. Set expectations for and actively drive exemplary Client Experience throughout the building and the business.
  • Group Collaboration: To use knowledge, systems, and resources from Streamland media to provide solutions to clients of both Picture Shop Global Post and Picture Shop London
  • Hours of Work: Given involvement with US Studios, flexibility in work across the evening is considered important, especially as projects are being delivered. Acceptance of the often-unpredictable nature of projects and spikes in overall workload is critical to the role.