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Head of Technical Operations

  • The Collectv
  • London, UK
  • 19/11/2021

Job Description

Head of Technical Operations

Reports to Managing Director

London West

The Collectv was established in 2014, to provide systems integration, media management and support for broadcast, outside broadcast and post production systems. In 2015 and 2017 we were awarded Emmys for Outstanding Technical Team Remote at the Olympics as part of NBC’s team. Our current experience spans the likes of Sky Sports’ Darts events, Dancing on Ice for ITV, Too Hot To Handle for Fremantle, Drive to Survive for Box to Box Films and The Bidding Room for Ricochet. As one of only a few fully independent technical TV service providers, our people are our most important asset. Our friendly, reliable and personal approach with our clients and their workflows sets us apart from the competition and what continues to fuel our growth in such a competitive industry. Job Purpose This is a management position, leading the engineering and technical teams who are responsible for building and delivering high end broadcast data workflows to major production companies, broadcast and VOD clients around the world.

The role is responsible for the daily management and long-term development of the engineering team, technical workflow advancements and with overall responsibility for our physical engineering areas. The position involves:

• Line managing and directing the technical team, engineers and tech runners on daily operations

• Providing support and direction with regards to the teams’ development including annual reviews

• Working closely with the management team to meet and improve working practices and processes Key Accountabilities

• To direct the technical team on a day to day basis, specifically in the planning of projects, staffing and the preparation of equipment

• To line manage the technical team, conducting reviews of the individuals, identifying areas of improvement and development and actioning these

• To recruit staff for the engineering team including assessing freelancers suitability for projects

• To manage the workshop environment including ensuring a full stock, timely PAT testing and technical policies are up to date

• To deal with queries and issues for the engineers and clients, troubleshooting problems as they arise and ensuring efficient use of the support systems in place

• To scope and procure equipment for either purchase or hire

• To ensure equipment is well maintained and if faults or damage is found, ensure this is rectified and that this is communicated with the operational team as to not impact client projects

• To manage our relationships with 3 rd party service providers and suppliers 

• To ensure technical specifications, workflows and diagrams are correct and communicated amongst the team, and where appropriate, clients

• To work with the Operations Co-Ordinator to deliver efficient scheduling of the team whilst fulfilling the requirements of our clients

Required Knowledge, Experience and Skills Essential

• Experience of line managing, leading and developing technical and operational teams in post-production and/or outside broadcast environments

• Excellent communication skills

• Experience of managing client and supplier relationships

• Skilled at investigating and solving technical or workflow challenges in a timely manner

• Technical reporting and drawing skills

• Some experience of Adobe and Avid environments, being aware of IT best practices, knowledge of Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems and networking


• Familiarity with EVS Broadcast Equipment, and integration with 3rd party applications

• Knowledge of cloud computing and virtual machines • Experience of shared storage systems and media asset management

• Media management understanding Competencies The following leadership competencies (behaviours and characteristics) have been identified as key to success in the job.

Successful candidates are expected to demonstrate these competencies.

Leadership Able to motivate, support and provide guidance to individuals or groups with a variety of skill levels. Demonstrates integrity and ethics, values diversity.

Conflict management. Analytical thinking/Problem Solving Able to simplify complex problems, process projects into component parts, explore and evaluate them systematically. Able to identify causal relationships and construct frameworks, for problem solving and/or development

Planning and organising Is able to think ahead in order to establish an effective and appropriate course of action for self and others including delegation, assigning ownership of task. Prioritises and plans activities taking into account all the relevant issues and factors such as deadlines, staffing and resources requirements

Decision making Is ready and able to take the initiative, originate action and be responsible for the consequences of the decisions made

Able to communicate clearly, with precise and understandable messages. Self-awareness of non-verbal communication such as posture, facial expressions, eye contact.

Able to actively listen to others expressing themselves. Flexibility. Adapts and works effectively with a variety of situations, individuals or groups. Is able to understand and appreciate different and opposing perspectives on an issue, to adapt an approach as the requirements of a situation change, and to change or easily accept changes in one’s own organisation or job requirements