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Graduate placement scheme

Are you a graduate looking for a career in the technical side of the Broadcast Industry? Or an employer looking for some fresh, new talent? works with a range of broadcasters, production companies, post production companies and related technology vendors to help them advertise vacancies and attract candidates. One thing they all have in common, is a shortage of young technical talent coming into the business.’s Graduate Placement Scheme aims to provide a route into full time paid careers on behalf of relevant graduates from all over the UK.

What types of roles are offered? 

Anything that combines Broadcast / TV and technology. Such as, but not limited to: 

  • Edit Assistant
  • Logger
  • Junior Engineer
  • Kit Room assistant
  • Runner
  • Archive assistant 
  • Camera Operator
  • NOC / MCR assistant 
  • AV Technician 
  • Base Technician 
  • Server Technician 
  • Scheduling Coordinator 
  • Rentals Coordinator 

Why would a graduate benefit?

Today's graduates face a number of hurdles entering the workforce. They can be unsure about what path they want to take; they may be unaware of what opportunities are available to them. Seeking your first full time paid job while also having to manage your tax affairs, find accommodation and pay bills presents a real challenge. partners with employers who are willing to offer fixed term contracts of no less than two months, paying no less than £100 per day, usually with travel expenses on top. This gives graduates an opportunity to earn a fair wage and be given a real opportunity to develop professional skills, get experience and prove their ability with a genuine employer. provides an umbrella company for the duration of the fixed term contract meaning the graduate is assured that they are tax compliant, fully insured, and free to get on with the job.

Register your interest to hear about graduate opportunites: HERE

How would an employer benefit? 

Following a successful trial with Ravensbourne University, has broadened this scheme to include more than 40 universities across the UK. Essentially, we have gathered all the UK's best broadcast / TV / Film graduates into one place and can deliver them, on demand to suit whatever vacancy you may have. These students will have graduated in courses such as:

  1. Digital Film Production
  2. Digital Television Production
  3. Editing & Post Production
  4. Broadcast Engineering
  5. Digital Content Creation

If you are looking to pipeline young technical talent into your business this represents a low cost, low risk way of achieving that. After the initial fixed term contract, you as the employer are free to extend the contract or offer permanent staff roles to any of the graduates free of charge. So far we have seen more than 80% of the graduates be offered full time work after the initial trial.

If your business would like to give a grad a break, please email 


Does the graduate have to pay anything to 
- No. In some cases, Graduates will have to pay a small fee (4%) to the umbrella company in return for tax compliance and liability insurance. In other cases you will be PAYE'd directly by the employer. 

What if I haven't done a technical degree? 
- That's OK. If you have an interest in Broadcast / TV and can demonstrate a technical mindset (maybe you built your own PC) you should register for the scheme. 

What if I don't enjoy the role? 
- You're under no obligation to extend your stay beyond the initial trial contract. Add the experience to your CV and wait for the next opportunity to come up. 

What's in it for
- We charge the employers a 10% margin for each day a graduate is employed. 

Is this a training scheme or diversity & inclusion initiative? 
- No. While graduates will get valuable experience, and we do monitor how many graduates are from underrepresented groups (50%+), this is about addressing the lack of technical talent in the Broadcast / TV industry. 

Do I need to be in my final year?
- No. If you've graduated in the last few years you're also welcome to register for the scheme. First and second year students are also welcome to register to get an idea of what's available. 

Can foreign students apply?
- Yes, but only those with a right to work in the UK will be considered 

Insurance & Umbrella companies... what's the point?! 

A freelancer in the TV industry may need liability insurance to protect themselves against the financial consequences of any claims of property damage, bodily injury, or personal injury that may arise from their work. This type of insurance can help cover legal fees, settlement costs, and other expenses associated with such claims. Additionally, some clients may require freelancers to have liability insurance as a condition of their contract.

As an agency, we don't make any recommendation, but here are some benefits of using an umbrella company for a freelancer:

 1. Simplified administration: An umbrella company takes care of all the administrative tasks associated with freelancing, including invoicing, taxes, and National Insurance contributions.

 2. Increased take-home pay: Because umbrella companies can offset expenses against income, freelancers may be able to increase their take-home pay.

 3. Legal compliance: An umbrella company ensures that the freelancer complies with all relevant tax and employment laws, reducing the risk of penalties and fines.

 4. Insurance coverage: Some umbrella companies offer insurance coverage, including professional indemnity and public liability insurance, which can protect the freelancer in case of legal disputes or accidents.

 5. Flexibility: Freelancers can work with different clients, and the umbrella company can manage the administrative tasks associated with each project.

 6. Retirement benefits: Some umbrella companies offer retirement benefits, including access to a pension scheme, which can help freelancers plan for their future.