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BBC Studios

Home to the very best of British creativity. Combining the strengths of the UK’s most-awarded production company and a world-class distributor, we are an unrivalled creator of - and investor in - UK programmes reaching audiences around the world.

Working with the best British writers, directors and programme-makers, we champion British creativity, crafting over 2500 hours of content every year through seven production bases in the UK and production bases and partnerships in a further nine countries around the world. And that’s not all. We’re a committed partner to the UK’s thriving independent production community, as well as other broadcasters and digital platforms, delivering content that showcases the best of British talent, stamped with the hallmark of quality.

We’re a one-stop-shop that touches every aspect of the value chain from production to exploitation - whether that’s financing or developing a show, producing it or selling it globally. And we make sure it gets to you no matter how you access it: through linear channels or digital platforms, consumer products, live events and much more.

Why do we do this? To enhance the BBC’s creative reputation, leverage its intellectual property, and invest in its content. The revenues we generate supports the wider British creative industries in general and builds awareness of great British content. But we also assist the BBC’s public service mission by reinvesting our profits back into the BBC. Over the last seven years, we’ve generated revenues of £1.4bn and returned £200m annually to the BBC Group.

We strive to be the best British content company in the world, attracting the best creative talents in the business, so that we can bring premium quality award-winning programmes, content and brands to you no matter where you are.