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The story of the Scottish Parliament is evolving all of the time and every member of staff has a contribution to make in the writing of our history. From the Parliament’s founding following a referendum and the 1998 Scotland Act– “There shall be a Scottish Parliament.” – to the additional powers conferred by the 2012 and 2016 Scotland Acts; and the constitutional questions arising through Brexit, the on-going process of change and reform offers an exciting backdrop to our work at Holyrood.

Improving the capability of the Parliament and ensuring it remains outward looking and in touch with all the people that it represents is at the heart of our work as a parliamentary service, and it’s vital that we strive to provide the highest possible level of service at all times. We place high value on excellence and we are continually looking to improve how we work to ensure that we can deliver the Parliament's core purpose of representing the people of Scotland by debating issues of national importance, passing legislation and holding the Scottish Government to account.

Our Organisation

The parliamentary service is a high-achieving and professional organisation. We are not civil servants; we provide impartial support to the Parliament and its Members. The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body is responsible for providing the Parliament with the property, staff and services required for the Parliament’s purposes, in accordance with the Scotland Act 1998.

We aim to provide Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) with high quality support to allow them to excel in their roles as parliamentarians and representatives.

We want to constantly improve our performance, invest in our staff and plan for the future and deliver excellent resource management in line with our organisational values. Recruitment decisions, if made properly, can have a significant impact upon organisational capability and capacity. Having a strategic, professional approach to recruitment is essential in order to achieve this.