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About the London Assembly

Examining decisions and actions to ensure promises to Londoners are delivered.

That is the job of the 25 London Assembly Members, who you elect at the same time as the Mayor. Eleven represent the whole capital and 14 are elected by constituencies. As the most powerful directly-elected politician in the UK, it is important the Mayor is held publicly and democratically accountable.  


Holding the Mayor to account

The Assembly holds the Mayor and Mayoral advisers to account by publicly examining policies and programmes through committee meetings, plenary sessions, site visits and investigations.

The Mayor should respond to Assembly motions and formal recommendations.

In addition, the Assembly questions the Mayor ten times a year at Mayor’s Question Time. 

The Mayor must also consult Assembly Members before producing statutory strategies and the multi-billion pound budget for the GLA Group.  The Assembly can reject the Mayor’s strategies and amend the draft budget if a majority of two-thirds agree to do so.

Assembly meetings are open to the public so Londoners can stay informed about the activities of the Mayor and the Assembly can publicly review their performance.


Investigating issues and influencing policy development

As well as examining the Mayor’s actions and decisions, Assembly Members act as champions for Londoners by investigating issues that are important to the capital - from improving the economy to how to tackle alcohol misuse by young Londoners. 

Assembly investigations are carried out by cross-party committees which cover vital areas like transport, policing, housing and planning, the economy, health and the environment. The Assembly can press for changes to national, Mayoral or local policy.


London Assembly decisions

The London Assembly largely conducts its formal business and takes decisions at public meetings. However, individual Members sometimes take decisions outside of meetings, where they have been delegated authority to do so. When an individual Member takes a decision under the delegated authority process, that decision is recorded via a Member Delegated Authority form. Each decision taken under that process is also reported back to the Assembly or the relevant committee, as soon as practicable. Copies of completed Member Delegated Authority forms can be found here.