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Marjan TV Network

Marjan Television Network owns and broadcasts Manoto TV from it's London TV studios.

Their flagship free-to-air satellite channel is one of the most watched television channels in the Persian speaking world.

The company operates studios and broadcast facilities, that supports its in-house production team. 

At its core Marjan Television Network aims to inform, inspire and entertain through a rich repertoire of commissioned in-house productions and licensed programming. Since its 2009 launch of the Manoto channel the production company set the highest benchmark for quality, innovation and entertainment for Persian speaking audiences, while establishing a powerful brand through a clear proposition and distinctive personality. Catering to audiences from all walks of life with unique original in-house productions as well as licensed programming, a loyal viewer base has been created, attracting more than 21,000,000 monthly viewers, with continued growth seen with an ever growing repertoire of programmes.

Flagship productions include the highly popular Persian language Come Dine With Me, Sali Talk and Manoto+, which have continued to run since the network launch. Among the most popular of shows broadcast, is the biggest Persian language reality singing competition The Stage broke world records when it pulled in 43,000,000 votes during its 2nd season run.

Marjan Television broadcasts its channel Manoto live via satellite and online streaming through the official website ( and official app. The Official Manoto app is available on all Android and iOS devices, including Apple TV. All original content is made available for online and offline on-demand viewing.