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July's Best of Broadcast jobs news's monthly round-up of the best recruitment, training, diversity & inclusion initiatives in the UK Broadcast industry

The future of sustainable broadcast

Formula 1 paving the way with the delivery of a Carbon Neutral broadcast production

Formula 1 have introduced several changes to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its broadcast operations. During the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Formula 1 showcased their commitment towards the reduction of their carbon footprint by achieving albert certification with a number of initiatives. One of the many steps they introduced included the replacement of ‘over 7,500 litres of traditional diesel with HVO fuel in the ETC and TV Compound generators’. Following the success of the Silverstone initiatives, Formula 1 have announced that they will continue to pioneer their carbon-neutral initiatives by ensuring that all F1 events are sustainable by 2025, with the mission in mind to becoming Net-Zero Carbon by 2030.

Diversity and Inclusion

STV media training for women in business

As they continue their on-screen diversity push to achieve an even gender balance, STV have announced their plans to host a media training session exclusively for women from Scotland’s business community. Following the success of two previous workshops earlier in the year, which focused on expert female voices in the healthcare and science industry – STV are working hard to empower and enhance the representation of women in business. The free virtual/online workshop, due to take place on 26th of August, aims to encourage women working in the business sector to participate in broadcast interviews related to their line of work and wider industry. The session will equip the attendees with the skills and confidence to appear as expert voices in the Scottish business sector on STV News bulletins and Scotland Tonight.



Broadcast TV committing to more young and diverse football presenters

Over a decade ago, football was almost entirely male-dominated. However, as the long overdue recognition of successful female football players are being acknowledged, TV broadcasters are recognising the importance of female inclusion on football shows.  Compared to the Euro 2016, ITV and BBC have gone a long way in emanating their commitment towards a more diverse line up of sports presenters. From the 23 people on-air at ITV in the 2016 Euro - only two were women, and five from ethnic minority background. However, this year, from a team of 31, seven were women and 14 of ethnic minority background. As for the BBC, out of the 40 presenters covering Euro 2016 – three were women, and five were of ethnic minority background. This year, however, out of 45 – nine were women and 10 were from an ethnic minority background. This is the start for diverse talent to not only appear on broadcast - this is a start to change the well-known male dominated football culture, to an eventual gender-neutral sport.


Channel 4 challenges the ad industry to address ageism

Following the results of recent research conducted by Channel 4, it was found that ads in the UK are primarily focused on younger individuals, with only 29% of characters featured in adverts being over the age 50. Therefore, as part of their annual Diversity in Advertising award, Channel 4 are calling for brands to modernise their representation of all age groups, to ensure that they are portrayed in a non-stereotypical and intersectional way in terms of gender, sexuality, disability or ethnicity. To encourage brands to deliver diverse and inclusive advertising campaigns, the winning campaign will be awarded with: £1m of Channel commercial advertising time, with an additional £100,000 bespoke social media campaign created by 4Studio and delivered via 4Studio’s social media channels.


Bauer Media UK extend its Kickstart scheme

Having recruited 42 young people this year, Bauer Media UK, one of the UK’S leading media businesses have extended their Kickstart scheme - offering an additional 20 young people interested in pursuing a career in media the opportunity to work across their brand portfolio. With 11 people from the scheme having secured full-time roles; the scheme offers young people the opportunity to work a 6-month paid placement with leading brands such as Hits Radio, Grazia , Heat and Closer – gaining experience across areas of the industry such as broadcasting, journalism, and communications. For those interested in Digital News, Bauer Academy (Bauer Media’s training division) are also offering and additional 13 apprenticeship following the 6-month placement – guaranteeing over 18-months employment.